What we can provide to our clients

Namdar & Co Chartered Accountants is providing Audit and Assurance services, Taxation and Law Services, Corporate Law and Secretarial Services, Accounting and Bookkeeping services, Business Advisory Services, Financial Management, Business Consulting, HR Consulting, Business Risk and Accounting Software & Support.

Namdar & Co as Chartered Accountant Firm in Pakistan with existence in Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad & Gilgit Baltistan provides a wide range of assurance services, with the primary focus on the objective of assurance on the reliability and relevance of financial information and a host of non-financial aspects, data, processes, operations and procedures and on the effectiveness and efficiency of controls.

Namdar & Co, Chartered Accountants commit to deliver quality assurance is designed not only to ensure compliance of all rules of local law and also international standards. We also ensure the delivery in time under the supervision of experience and industry specific experienced personnel.

We provide a wide range of audit and assurance services to public and private companies:-

Statutory Audit

Financial audits of both domestic and foreign companies, public or private limited companies, branches of foreign entities, provident funds, pension, gratuity and other employee benefit funds, charities trust or non-governmental organizations.

To ensure the truth and fairness of financial statements to be prepared and presented in accordance with identified financial reporting framework e.g. in Pakistan these are International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS/IAS) issued by IASB and adopted by SECP, Companies Act 2017 and other circulars and directives issued by SECP (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan).

To be conducted in accordance with International Standards on Auditing IASA’s issued by International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) as applicable in Pakistan.

  • Management Audit
  • Internal Audit and System Control Review (SCR)
  • Information System Audit
  • Tax audit
  • Regulatory Audit & Regulatory Compliance Review (RCR)
  • Cost Audits & Cost Allocation Studies
  • Share Transfer Audit
  • Review and Complication Assignments

Importance of tax returns now a days have increased rapidly as that was never before. Tax legislations are very complexed with emergence of new regulations in country and in international market. At this point of time the need of a tax consultant with knowledge and skills to deal with complex regulations increased, Namdar & Co as Chartered Accountant Firm in Pakistan with existence in Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad & Gilgit Baltistan assure their clients the quality of services, integrity and reliability given by Karachi and other offices.

Corporate Taxation Services

  • Preparation and filing of annual and periodical tax return.
  • Withholding tax management and related compliance.
  • Managing post return correspondence with and representation before tax assessment authorities.
  • Obtaining certificates of tax exemption & special tax rates, where applicable.
  • Representation in appellate and reference before tax appellate authorities, courts and tax settlement commission.
  • Representation before the authorities for involving its jurisdiction for administrative ruling and certification on taxation issues.
  • Tax Due Diligence Reviews.
  • Personal Taxation Services.
  • General Sales Tax (GST) – Planning Consultation, Compliance and Reporting services.
  • Sales Tax on Services - Planning Consultation, Compliance and Reporting services.

Managing Tax Risks

Namdar & Co as Chartered Accountant Firm in Pakistan with existence in Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad & Gilgit Baltistan is aimed to provide support to our clients to manage risks on many tax issues. Our consultants equipped themselves up-to-date with new regulations and policies. We may help our clients in tax obligations including:

  • Updates in Tax Policy.
  • Tax Investigations.
  • In time submission of tax returns.
Strategic Corporate Consultation

To maximize enterprise and shareholder value, these services aim to provide advices and competition-sensitive strategies on the best form of ownership, equity and funding structure, which is both, compliant in legal terms, expeditious in regulatory compliance and flexible in practical operation. Services in this sphere include planning, consultation, strategy formulation, documentation of agreements, contracts, Memorandum and Articles of Association and other related documentation and carrying out regulatory formalities in respect of: 

  • Incorporation of public and private limited companies under the Company Law.
  • Partnership and Joint ventures.
  • Mutual Funds and Modarbas.
  • Secretarial and Corporate Compliance Reporting Services.
  • Public Floatation Services for Shares and other Securities.
  • Share Registrar Services.
  • Privatization.
  • Corporate Governance Enablement.
  • Liquidation proceedings.
  • Advisory Services and Support to “Not for Profit Organizations.

Advisory Services and Support to “Not for Profit Organizations

Accounting & Bookkeeping services by Namdar & Co, Chartered Accountant Firm in Pakistan includes complete accounting facility for recording and accounting in compliance with the local and legal requirement. It is made from records provided by the client to produce a fully compliant set of financial books and records.

Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services are suitable for business of all industries and small and medium enterprises for onshore bookkeeping and offshore bookkeeping. We offer daily, weekly, and monthly services based on requirements / needs by our clients.
Outsourced bookkeeping includes: We are using team of experts, to provide bookkeeping service as Chartered Accountant Firm in Pakistan with existence in Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad & Gilgit Baltistan and also the latest international rules of accounting in financial reporting. We used our in-house developed web based bookkeeping software for providing onshore bookkeeping services and offshore Bookkeeping services.
Onshore Bookkeeping
We deploy the team of bookkeepers to the client premises or client is asked to deliver data to our local office for bookkeeping services.

Offshore Bookkeeping

Our outsourced bookkeeping is a popular choice among our clients. Simply fax, scan, or mail your invoices, deposit slips and bills to us. We'll enter your transactions, reconcile your accounts and set your bills up for payment.

Why to Choose Namdar & Co, Chartered Accountants
Providing quality services & delivery on time are the most important pillars of Namdar & Co, Chartered Accountants.

Our team especially dedicated for the services:

  • Manager
  • Supervisor / Job in charge
  • Senior staff
  • Junior staff

Online access:

  • We provide online access to financial report to client so that they can cross monitor the data entry process.
  • We can also provide approval optional at all data entry on customer required.

Accounting Reports:

  • Trial Balance as on and periodic.
  • Selective Trail Balance Reports as on and periodic.
  • Ledger reports periodic.
  • Profit & Loss report as on date.
  • Balance sheet as on date. 

With the emergence of new techniques and technology the business trends are continue to change every day. Businessmen have to face a new challenge while taking a decision to grow his business that is Namdar & Co as Chartered Accountant Firm in Pakistan with existence in Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad & Gilgit Baltistan, has adopted a unique approach to serve our client as business advisor.

Our Services

We have industry wide experience. Growth in our relevant experience continue to increase with the increase in our clientele from different industries. We have successfully provided services to our clients in different areas under business advisory. These are listed below: -

  • Foreign Investment, consultation and facilitation.
  • Acquiring existing or additional equity in domestic corporate enterprises Pakistan.
  • Setting-up a wholly or partially owned subsidiary or an affiliate in Pakistan.
  • Establishment of a branch office of an off-shore entity.
  • Creating business presence by setting no dash up a Liaison Office or a Representative Office in Pakistan.
  • Choosing the most preferred and tax-effective corporate vehicle.
  • Determining the right balance in debt equity combination to finance the entity at the lowest possible cost.
  • Awareness on fiduciary role fiduciary duty of directors and obligations of CEOs in corporate management.
  • Awareness of foreign exchange regime on flow of capital.
  • Issue of capital and allotment of share.
  • Repatriation of capital, dividend and capital gains and their tax consequences.
  • Obtaining regulatory permission from investment Board, state Bank of Pakistan and other relevant regulatory bodies.
  • Financial Litigation and Despite Resolution Support.
  • Contract Consulting Services.
  • Business Plans.

The theoretical definition of Financial Management is the planning, directing, monitoring, organizing, and controlling of the monetary resources of an organization. Whereas, Financial Management from the platform of Namdar & Co, Chartered Accountants, is refer to guide the clients that how they can use the business funds more effective and efficient way to accomplish the business objectives.

Our Services

With experience over decades in almost all type of industries we have developed approach to provide client specific Financial Management service. We have listed the following services in our current list:-

  • Core Financials Revenue Management
  • Strategic financial planning and management
  • Valuation of assets and appraisal businesses
  • Profit and performance management strategies
  • Business strategic planning / Strategic Business Planning
  • Corporate recovery and turn around services / Corporate Recovery/Business Turnaround services
  • Business Risk Consulting and internal audit
  • Computer Risk Management (CRM) / IT security and risk management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Benchmarking
  • Expense and procurement management
  • Project & work Management
  • Business Risk Consulting.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the integrated use by an organization of systems, policies and management practices to recruit; develop and retain employees who will help the organization to meet its goals.

HRM plays an important role in assuring employee satisfaction, improving performance and productivity. This can further an organization's competitive advantage, and directly contribute to the organization's success.

We provide our clients with customized human resource, and training solutions through project based arrangements or complete outsourcing of the human resource function.

Head Hunting & Recruitment Services

People are not your most important asset, but the right people are. “Get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” No matter what kind of business you are in, having the right people determines success or failure.

Recruitment is a costly process and getting it wrong can have a serious impact not only on operational effectiveness, but also on morale within an organization. We find the best solution for our clients by acquiring a thorough understanding of their needs and taking a fresh look at how, when and whom to recruit.

Namdar & Co implements comprehensive techniques to manage the recruitment with induction of IQ/EQ tests and assessments to hunt swashbuckling, charismatic, innovative and energetic exceptional talent for our valuable Clients.

HR Training & Development Services

Namdar & Co offers different training and development programs. Mentoring, coaching, on the job & off the job training and open programs on a wide range of subjects from leadership, communication & presentation skills, to personal & organizational effectiveness and performance.


We have developed an application for our clients to calculate Taxes.

Importance of tax returns now a days are very important that were never before. Tax legislations are very complexed with emergence of new regulations in country and in international market. At this point of time the need of a tax consultant with knowledge and skills to deal with complex regulations increased.

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